Whitepaper for the Universal PumpMaster 2020, a Hands-Free Sanitizer Dispenser

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We published this white paper to help improve industrial hygiene for preventing the spread of germs and saving people’s lives.

Table of Contents

  • Definition of the hands-free sanitizer dispenser
  • Reasons for using a hands-free sanitizer dispenser
  • Applications of the hands-free sanitizer dispenser
  • Construction of the Universal PumpMaster 2020
  • Proper use of the dispensing system
  • Associated products to be used with dispenser
  • Maintenance of the dispensing system
  • Keywords to use for searches
  • Conclusion

What is the Universal PumpMaster 2020?

The Universal PumpMaster 2020 is a patent pending, hands-free sanitizer dispensing system, more commonly known as a sanitizer dispenser. This specialized product was developed to help maintain sanitary work environments for employees as part of a company’s pandemic protection protocols as well as good hygiene. This unique unit offers many features and benefits to the user which include:

  • The product is Made in the USA!
  • This is a CDC approved product-type
  • Universal adjustment options for a wide range of product uses
  • Sturdy frame with a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Aesthetically pleasing look and ergonomic design
  • Ability to be conveniently located anywhere with a weight of less than 20 lbs
  • Maintenance free mechanical unit
  • User controls the amount of product dispensed preventing waste and dry & irritated skin

Reasons for using a hands-free sanitizer dispensing system

“Safety first”, “Safety is top priority”, “Employees are our greatest assets”, these are all phrases that sometimes loses traction in this busy and distracting world. Workplace safeguarding encompasses a lot of critical areas, but one that has increased in recognition due to COVID-19 is spreading of germs. It can be easy to forget about proper hygiene because germs are not visible to the naked eye, so proper workplace safety measures must be put in place to ensure adherence to sanitation measures.

In effort to overcome this, one step is to create a Pandemic Protection Protocol. This plan or program requires putting together workplace safeguarding measures which includes hygiene products, screening checkpoints & questionnaires, enhanced cleaning schedules, and training documents. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the tools to their workers, teach them how to use them, and perform routine audits to make sure the systems are being followed.

Washing hands and using sanitizers is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading and leading to sickness and infection. These microorganisms are too small to see and infect humans and animals. Hands-free sanitizer dispensers can and should be used in any industrial and commercial environment to ensure proper and essential personal hygiene. Using hand sanitizer is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading and leading to sickness and infection. The Universal PumpMaster used in conjunction with the associated approved cleaners and disinfectants is essential to reducing cross contamination due to less human direct-contact touches minimizing the spreading of germs and the chance to contract viruses such as COVID-19, the common flu, etc. It is imperative that employers consider this a part of their safeguarding directives to provide safe and healthy work environment for their employees, suppliers, and customers.

Universal symbol for the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Places hands-free sanitizer dispensing systems can be used

There is a large array of places the hands-free sanitizer dispenser can be used in, which are categorized into industrial, commercial, retail, and entertainment spaces to help kill germs in private and general populated areas.

  • Industrial applications include manufacturing facilities, automotive plants, consumer packaging facilities, food processing plants, oil and gas refineries, and construction aggregate.
  • Commercial applications include healthcare facilities, office wellness, car dealerships, auto repair and body shops, food service establishments, food trucks, farmer’s markets, hotel lobbies, and distribution warehouse storage facilities.
  • Retail applications include stores for home improvement, groceries, convenience items, farms supply, department stores, gas stations, and consumer electronics.

Entertainment applications include escape rooms such as Escapology, zoos, park and rec areas, riverfronts, festivals, sporting events, amusement parks and waterparks, movie theatres, catered events such as parties and weddings, and golf courses.

General construction of the Universal PumpMaster sanitizer dispenser

The Universal PumpMaster is a simple but unique design with many built in features allowing for a wide range of product uses. All the aluminum and steel components consist of an aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistant, flat black, powder coated finish.

  1. The frame is constructed from a 1-piece formed steel and includes 2 welded gussets for additional strength
  2. The pump action steel rod housing is a single t-slotted aluminum extrusion with a unique center hole bolted to the main frame
  3. The rigid spring-loaded pump handle is welded to the steel rod, offering a large surface area for pumping the handle of the solution and includes a manufacturer contact info label for reordering or support
  4. The ergonomically shaped, user-friendly foot pedal is used to activate the pump handle via a spring-loaded shaft
  5. The shelf is made from steel formed into an angle, mounted to the t-slotted extrusion
  6. The shelf is designed to hold up to a 1-gallon bottle of disinfectants and cleaners
  7. The slots on the underside of the shelf along with the modular extrusion t-slot are used to provide infinite adjustment left to right and up down. The allows for center aligned as well as offset spouts.

Diagram of the sanitizer dispenser

How to properly use a hands-free sanitizer dispenser

This pictorial diagraph below will show the proper way to use hand sanitizer in conjunction with the dispensing system.

  • Place your hand or hands under the nozzle on the bottle
  • Place a foot on the ergonomic foot pedal
  • Press down slowly allowing for the top spring-loaded paddle to press down on the solution pump
  • Release your foot when the desired amount of sanitizer is dispensed, typically a dime-sized amount is sufficient
  • Rub your hands together, palm to palm
  • Interlock your fingers rubbing the sanitizer in between your fingers and going around to the back of your hands

After about 20 seconds of rubbing your hands together, your hands should be dry and safe.

How to properly wash your hands

Associated products to use with this hands-free sanitizer dispenser

Associated products that can be used with the Universal PumpMaster sanitizer dispenser include any product up to a 1-gallon jug container with a pump handle.

  • Primary products include hand sanitizers, hand soaps, pumice hand cleaners, lotions and moisturizers, and disinfectant cleaners.
  • Other products include condiments such as ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, and BBQ sauces.

The Universal PumpMaster used in conjunction with the Zep brand of products, a producer and distributor of cleaning solutions, offers great alternatives to washing hands with soap and water to help with consumer health consciousness heightening. To ensure the use of proper and safe products, the Zep Brand Products offers many different solutions to choose from such as:

Zep brand hand sanitizer

General Maintenance of this dispensing system

The Universal PumpMaster 2020 is maintenance free as it relates to the continuous operation of the dispensing unit. Once the shelf is set vertically and horizontally for the bottle based on the spout location in relation to the pump handle, the unit is ready for use. Only a few bolts are used in the construction, which are fastened into the t-slotted extrusion using a drop-lock feature. This feature virtually acts as a lock washer to hold the fasteners together. This unit does not require batteries risking the chance the dispenser cannot be used to prevent germs for an undetermined period of time.

Tools for maintaining the sanitizer dispenser


If you are interested in learning more about sanitizer dispensers and their associated products, use these keywords when searching for more information, suppliers, or support on this product class. Sanitizer dispenser, dispensing system, hands-free dispenser, dispensing systems, sanitizers, disinfectant dispensers, hand hygiene, hand sanitizers, and hand washing alternatives.

Keyword search box for researching sanitizer dispensers


Once a pandemic protection protocol program is documented, then assets need to be put in place such as hand washing basins, sanitizing equipment like the patent pending Universal PumpMaster 2020, disinfecting wipes, and UV sterilizers. When searching, try to refine your focus to any hands-free type devices to reduce touch contamination. These types of products, while they are specialized pieces of equipment, will speed up routine disinfecting schedules and minimize the opportunity for cross contamination which will reduce germs and the chance to contract viruses. All aspects of workplace safety require constant attention. Companies need to make sure momentary memory lapse does not take over due to the invisibility of a given hazard. The opportunity for catastrophic consequences is very present, but the tools are out there to ensure proper hygiene methods are kept relevant. These user-friendly tools will provide a safer work environment for the current and future generations helping them get home safely to their families and friends every day.

Universal PumpMaster 2020 Dispenser

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