Understanding and identifying the needs for an emergency stop system

Shawn Mantel
2 min readNov 7, 2020

An emergency stop, also known as a kill switch, is an electronic device which latches mechanically and is used to provide an instant stop command to the machine controls. It is a mechanism used to shut off a section of the machine or the entire machine when an emergency situation is present. Emergency stops can either be wired or wireless units and is used in conjunction with a safety relay.

Wired emergency stops should have a ring label behind the button and can be conveniently wired with an M12 quick disconnect cable. Some emergency stop buttons come with a key slot as added security to ensure the control stays in the engaged position until it is unlocked by a particular operator or maintenance tech. Wired e-stops can also be supplied as just the button without the enclosure so it can be used in a Nema 12 or 4x enclosure when build custom safety controls.

A low profile wireless emergency stop pendant can be worn by the operator allowing for engaged outside of just the point of operator which communicates back to a control base module installed in the machine control panel. It covers a long range area and has a 12 hour range rechargeable LiON battery to extend the life of the unit.

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