The importance of proper tools needed to prevent the spread of germs

Shawn Mantel
3 min readDec 1, 2020

Workplace safeguarding encompasses a lot of critical areas, but one that has increased in recognition due to COVID-19 is spreading of germs. It can be easy to forget about proper hygiene because germs are not visible to the naked eye.

Proper workplace safety measures must be put in place to ensure adherence to sanitation measures. Washing hands and using sanitizers is one of the best ways to prevent germs from spreading and leading to sickness and infection. These microorganisms are too small to see and infect humans and animals.

“Safety first”, “Safety is top priority”, “Employees are our greatest assets”, these are all phrases that sometimes loses traction in this busy and distracting world. In effort to overcome this, one step is to create a Pandemic Protection Protocol. This plan or program requires putting together workplace safeguarding measures which includes hygiene products, screening checkpoints & questionnaires, enhanced cleaning schedules, and training documents. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide the tools to their workers, teach them how to use them, and perform routine audits to make sure the systems are being followed.

Once a program is documented, then assets need to be put in place such as hand washing basins, sanitizing equipment like the patent pending Universal PumpMaster 2020, disinfecting wipes, and UV sterilizers. When searching, try to refine your focus to any hands-free type devices to reduce touch contamination. These types of products, while they are specialized pieces of equipment, will speed up routine disinfecting schedules and minimizing the opportunity for cross contamination reducing germs and the chance to contract viruses.

All aspects of safety require constant attention. Companies need to make sure momentary lapse does not take over due to the invisibility of a given hazard. The opportunity for catastrophic consequences is very present, but the tools are out there to ensure proper hygiene methods are kept relevant. These tools will provide a safer work environment for the current and future generations helping them get home safe to their family and friends every day.

Authored and published by Shawn Mantel, Owner / Operator at PowerSafe Automation

Shawn Mantel is the owner and author of the @powersafeautomation blog posts, where he helps to educate and spark ideas with workers on how to improve workplace safety through turnkey safety guarding solutions.

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